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  • Alfred Enderby Ltd

    Maclure Street, Grimsby, South Humberside

    Telephone: 01472 342984

    Alfred Enderby Ltd is one of only a few independent, family run, traditional fish smoking firms left in England.

  • Chapmans Finest Fishcakes

    Chapman House, Estate Road 7, South Humberside Industrial Estate, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

    Telephone: 01472 269871

    The Chapman Family have been involved in the seafish industry in Grimsby for over fifty years. Over which time they have amassed invaluable knowledge especially with regards to recognizing and sourcing the best fish available.

  • Jims Fresh Grimsby Fish Ltd

    182 Durban Road, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

    Telephone: 01472 321574

    Jims Fresh Grimsby Fish has been established for over 30 years. Based in Grimsby we are passionate about fish and can deliver the finest quality fish directly to your home. The shop is mobile variety of produce.

  • Smiths Smokery

    Nova Lodge, Sea Lane, Friskney, Boston, PE22 8SD

    Telephone: 01754 820262

    We are located in Lincolnshire surrounded by prime agricultural land next to the wash. The area is criss crossed by many rivers and drains emptying into the Wash and the Humber. Throughout this area we have been catching eels for over 30 years. Our family has always been catching something, our great great grandad and grandad were fishermen catching shrimps, cockles, fish and eels in the summer and flight netting for ducks and geese in the winter on the Friskney mudflats in the late 1800s and early 1900s. But it was eels I started trapping in 1975, after catching them on rod and line during my youth. Eels are always sold live, and at that time Billingsgate market in London was the place to go. I first went to the old market near Tower Bridge which has now gone and is covered in sky scarpers and then later to the new Billinsgate Market at Canary Wharf.   It was about 1990 that i delivered the first load of eels to Holland by small lorry. Whilst delivering to the Dutch smokehouse's we were able to see first hand the techniques on how they smoked them. During this time my son Chris joined me and in 2001 we decided to use the knowledge that we had gained from the Dutch smokehouse's to start Smith's Smokery. Although many of our eels still go to Holland alive we are smoking more and more as demand and awareness increase. 

  • The Fish Company

    Scampton House, Lucy, Scampton, Lincoln, LN1 2SF

    Telephone: 01522 717706

    At The Fish Company we're proud to be setting the standards for aquaculture. Our tilapia is farmed to the highest environmental standards and fed on 100% sustainable GM-free feed. That's one of the reasons why tilapia farmed in closed-recirculation systems is rated No 1 by the Marine Conservation Society – that's the highest rating in their Good Fish Guide.

  • The Mermaid Inn Surfleet

    2 Gosberton Road, Surfleet, Lincolnshire PE11 4AB

    Telephone: 01775 680275

    All our food is sourced locally whether it be our tender fillet steaks or our fresh haddock! We also have a wide range of cask ales, beers, wines & spirits to choose from. In the kitchen all of our food is cooked to order by our two creative chefs. Each dish being cooked to a high standard. We currently offer two menus, one being our lunch time menu which offers lots of tasty pub meals cooked with all the passion our chefs possess.