Where to Stay

Stamford offers visitors a welcoming range of overnight accommodation or places for longer stays.

The town’s four main hotels are all in historic buildings that have been adapted to meet the needs of today’s business or leisure visitors. The most famous hotel in Stamford is The George, a renowned coaching stop from the 18th century. As Stamford is on the main North/South highway, Dick Turpin himself may well have stayed here, when not in such a hurry to get to York!

All the main hotels have good parking facilities and are in the town centre, or a very short walk away.

Stamford also has a very good choice of bed and breakfast establishments, several with a long-established reputation for attentive service and good value. More recently, some additional facilities can be found on airbnb. At a rough count, apart from the four main hotels, there are at least 20 places to stay in Stamford town itself and several more rural venues only a short distance outside.

Check our business listings for full details of the accommodation options, plus contact information if you'd like to make a booking before you arrive.

Have a good stay!