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Originally known for its engineering heritage, the Grantham of today offers a vibrant and thriving atmosphere with its indoor shopping centres, Saturday markets and numerous pubs and eateries - making Grantham a great place to visit.

Historical landmarks and links dating back to medieval times, the soaring spire of St Wulframs, reputedly the sixth tallest tower in the country, and the Victorian clock tower of the Guildhall Arts Centre, provide the perfect setting for a visit to Grantham.

Sir Isaac Newton was the most famous pupil of Grantham’s Kings School. More recently, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was born in the town and Britain’s first policewoman served here.

The River Witham flows through the town surrounded by local attractions including National Trust property Belton House.

The town is also home to one of the best sports facilities in the East Midlands – the Meres Leisure Centre, regularly hosting top competitions.

Grantham has an expanding and developing town centre, with many thriving shops, indoor shopping centres and a bustling Saturday street market. A prosperous Farmers’ Market is a feature on the second Saturday each month. During your stay you may like to visit Downtown Superstore with its own garden centre, cafes and Boundary Mill stores, near the A1.


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