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Long before ‘local', 'seasonal', 'sustainable' and 'organic' became trendy buzz words, Lincolnshire was leading the way in living off the land and keeping old traditions and recipes alive. Food and drink in Lincolnshire is at the very heart and soul of our way of life. 

Lincolnshire's specialities are top of the menu across the country, from award-winning, tangy Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese to the peppery flavour of sage-flecked, coarse-ground Lincolnshire Sausages and slabs of the succulent, marbled Lincoln Red Beef... this is proper English food.  And that's very true of our traditional mid-afternoon reviver - Lincolnshire plum bread.

Why not pop into one of our many delightful tea rooms and try this delicious treat - made from dried fruit, brown sugar, cinnamon, cold tea and eggs. Goes down really well with a good cup of tea!



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