Love GREAT Britain - Join VisitEngland's social media campaign to keep Britain top of our visitor's minds during COVID-19.

As well as supporting Visit Lincoln’s marketing, have you thought about tagging @VisitEngland into your social media activity? If you do, you’ll be giving your business and brand that extra marketing push.

The national tourism group VisitEngland  has launched a new social marketing campaign to keep Britain top of visitors’ minds during international travel bans.

The campaign aims to share inspirational content based on popular British culture such as recipes, TV and film shows, literature and more, for people to enjoy in their own homes.

Social marketing campaigns are a great way for you to market your business from home – all it takes it your time and a keen eye for quality content.

VisitEngland’s website has more information about the campaign  and what you need to do to get involved.

Content Ideas

People are consuming content at a great rate than ever before, so the content ideas shared by Visit England are a great starter for 10 and give a clear direction to the sort of conversations we can be having now.

Whilst it’s not the right time to invite people to Lincolnshire, you can still nurture relationships with existing and new customers who will be looking forward to travelling again once the lockdown ban is lifted.

Top Five Content Ideas:

  1. Picturesque Lincolnshire: landscapes you may already have on your phone from earlier in the year or last summer.
  2. Food & Drink: including Lincolnshire recipes, food traditions and culture, pubs, etc.
  3. Heritage & Gardens: such as virtual museum tours, Lincolnshire traditions, outdoor spaces, county animals enjoying the sunshine in your garden, gardening hacks that make your outdoor space special for guests.
  4. Human Interest Stories: is someone in your business going the extra mile, have you decided to do things a little different such as change the experience you give guests – can you give them a sneak peek?
  5. Talents and Hobbies: so many of our tourism businesses have interesting hobbies and a creative flare. From B&B Owners who are also trained artists through to crafters, bakers and gardening experts – don’t just think about the experience you give guests through your physical space (bricks and mortar) but think about what extra you bring by just being yourself.