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Set Jetting in Lincolnshire

Scene from The Crown, filmed at Burghley House

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Over the years Lincolnshire has been host to a variety of productions; from the recently released Bridgerton, Season 3 (2024) and Napoleon (2023) to TV shows such as Downton Abbey and Wild Bill. Whether it's wanting to walk in the footsteps of  Tom Hanks trying to solve the mystery of The Da Vinci Code or stand in the room where Imelda Staunton played Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown - Lincolnshire has a host of locations.

Filming "Peterloo" in Lincoln (c) Mike Leigh

lights, camera, action!

With unspoilt countryside, sweeping beaches and picture perfect historic buildings Lincolnshire has seen its share of film and TV crews taking advantage of what's on offer.

Filming "Bodies" at Grimsby Docks

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Filming at Lincoln Cathedral
Filming at Lincoln Castle


Set Jetting

Intriguing to see a setting you know well taking an entirely different part. Or maybe seen it on screen first and want to see the real thing. Many historic buildings in Lincolnshire have appeared on the screen in many parts and can offer a grand set jetting experience.

See the location screen stars in real life and marvel at the transformation. Epic in every sense.

filming in lincolnshire

what's been filmed and where

Captured for their heritage status, interior doppelgänger, quirky corners, or neatly kept gardens, explore where you can go set jetting across Lincolnshire and follow in the footsteps of your favourite films and TV series.

Grimsthorpe Castle

This 13th century Tudor/Baroque style castle near Bourne in south Lincolnshire features a spectacular façade, central courtyard, and period rooms that have recently been transformed into a ballroom in the third Netflix series, Bridgerton (2024). Grimsthorpe Castle has only previously been used for filming once before in 1995, for Middlemarch. 

Filming the exterior of Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire for Netflix Bridgerton Season Three.
Netflix Bridgerton Season Three - scene filmed at Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire

Lincoln Cathedral

With its imposing twin-towered frontage, Lincoln Cathedral has been used as a location double for both Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame. Built in Gothic style with an exceptional vaulted roof, it has cloisters, a chapter house, two libraries and an airman’s chapel. The cathedral and the nearby castle are surrounded by historic streets with a variety of heritage buildings.

Set Jetting in Lincolnshire - The Da Vinci Code filming at Lincoln Cathedral
Set Jetting in Lincolnshire - Napoleon Filming at Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle’s 19th century prisons have been barely altered over the centuries, so no surprise that they are well used for filming. Downton Abbey’s Mr Bates was wrongly incarcerated here and the cells and exercise yard were used for the popular TV series. The BBC's Call the Midwife featured a birth in a prison in 2013, and scenes of This is England '86 were also filmed within the castle walls.

Lincoln Castle Prison Cell - Filmed in Downton Abbey
Lincoln Castle Prison

Burghley House

Elizabethan Burghley House has starred on numerous occasions, popular for its majestic interiors, unaltered 16th century façades, and stunning gardens and parkland. You may have seen Burghley in The Batman, Season 4 of The CrownPride & Prejudice, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Bleak House. The Da Vinci Code (2006) with Tom Hanks also featured Burghley House and its "Hell Staircase". Actress Dame Judi Dench was particularly popular with the staff.

The Crown filmed at Burghley House in Lincolnshire.
Looking over the balcony at Burghley House, in Lincolnshire.

Belton House

The Netflix drama Queen Charlotte used the Italian Garden, Orangery, Marble Hall, scullery and kitchen corridors of the National Trust's Belton House as the main location for King George's residence. Whilst the 1995 BBC TV version of Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth used Belton House as residence of the terrifying Lady Catherine De Bourgh. The parkland performed a particularly beautiful backdrop to scenes between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.

Netflix's Queen Charlotte, filmed at The National Trust's Belton House in Lincolnshire.
Belton House Autumn Sunset

Grimsby Docks & The Kasbah

The Kasbah area along the Grimsby Docks provided the backdrop for scenes set in 1941 Whitechapel in the popular 2023 Netflix series, Bodies. These scenes included a bomb explosion in episode one and exterior shots of a tube station in episode four. The Kasbah has also been featured in Wheeler Dealers, Three Day MillionaireAtonement, This is England, For Your Eyes Only, and The Last Adventurers.

Henderson Street, The Kasbah Grimsby Filming Location
Set Jetting in Lincolnshire. Netflix Series Bodies filming at Grimsby Docks


Over the years film-makers have flocked to the splendour of Stamford. With barely a Victorian or 20th century building they can film long continuous shots knowing that everything will be ‘period perfect’. The Arts Centre, Barn Hill, All Saint's Place, Kings Mills Lane, St Mary's Street and St George's Square have all been used. The finest stone town in England has taken centre stage in Pride & Prejudice, used as the set for the 1994 BBC drama Middlemarch, been 'bombed' in the 1980s movie Space, as well as featured in The Crown and the E4 show My Mad Fat Diary.

Set Jetting in Lincolnshire - the set of Pride and Prejudice filmed in Stamford.
Stamford in Lincolnshire. Finest stone town in England.


Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral are not the only buildings to star. Castle Hill, The Judges Lodgings and Leigh Pemberton House have been a popular backdrop for film and TV crews. Films include the story of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre that premiered in 2018, Netflix's The King and the 1962 romantic drama The Wild and The Willing.

Filming The King outside Lincoln Cathedral (c) Lincolnite Steve Smales
Filming Peterloo Lincoln Castle Hill (c) BBC Lincolnshire

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