historic buildings

Visit some of the world's most famous and iconic historic buildings in Lincolnshire. Admire the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral as well as lesser known hidden gems.

Lincoln Cathedral at Dusk

Lincoln Cathedral

Historic Buildings

Lincoln Cathedral

Visit Lincoln Cathedral, a magnificent and treasured example of historic architecture. Standing tall over the city of Lincoln for thousands of years and appearing on the screen several times including in Young Victoria and The Da Vinci Code. Lincoln Cathedral is an awe-inspiring and spectacular landmark recognised all over the world.

Woolsthorpe Manor

visit the birth place and family home of Sir Isaac Newton

Visit this National Trust owned 17th century Lincolnshire farmhouse where Sir Isaac Newton had his famous revelation about gravity. See the original famous apple tree.

Documentary Series

ancient beginnings

In this episode of 'Why the World Needs Lincolnshire'. Karl Bird walks you through how the county became so significant in UK history and explores many of the historic sites and buildings you can still visit today.