aviation heritage

experience bomber county

A visit to Lincolnshire is the perfect way to experience aviation history with fascinating heritage sites, museums, and centres to explore.

Known as Bomber County during World War II due to the squadrons based in the county, Lincolnshire is still today at the centre of aviation, being home to several RAF bases, the International Bomber Command Centre and the famous RAF Red Arrows.

Not to be missed

International Bomber Command Centre

A world-class facility to serve as a point for recognition, remembrance and reconciliation for Bomber Command. The Centre includes the UK’s tallest war memorial, walls of remembrance, peace gardens, a digital archive, and an exhibition.

Home of the Dambusters

On the 17th of May 1943, 617 Squadron were returning home to RAF Scampton airfield after a successful mission in the Ruhr Valley, the heart of industrial Germany.

The Petwood Hotel

Once home to the famous Dambusters, and surrounded by acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, the Petwood is one of the most memorable places to stay in Lincolnshire. A timelessly elegant setting with award-winning food and afternoon tea.