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Explore the vibrant pub and bar scene in Lincolnshire, where historic charm meets contemporary. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this guide is your passport to discovering the best places to unwind, socialise, and savour delightful drinks and delicious bites. 

Strait & Narrow, Lincoln


The Strait & Narrow

An award-winning bar in the centre of  Lincoln that's all about great drinks and good times. Selling 120+ bottle of beer from all over the world, continental draughts, real ale, a comprehensive and contemporary wine list, bespoke premium spirits and an insanely large cocktail menu, it' the perfect place to try something new.


Cosy Club

Cosy Club offers relaxed dining and drinking with a touch of timeless glamour. Experience warm, welcoming service, amazing interiors and exceptional food and drinks.

Stamford Cosy Club