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Gainsborough Old Hall, Gainsborough

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Home to the market towns of Gainsborough, Caistor, and Market Rasen. The countryside north of Lincoln has an abundance of local attractions and activities to enjoy. From the county’s only Racecourse to one of the best preserved medieval manor houses in England - making the North of Lincoln an essential destination for history enthusiasts. It's also an ideal location for access to even more things to do in Lincoln, the North Countryside and the Lincolnshire Wolds.


Enjoy a fantastic shopping experience at Marshall's Yard, outdoor shopping centre located in the heart of Gainsborough Town Centre. Shop at over 30 popular brands and be spoilt for choice with their vast selection of places to drink and dine.

Marshall's Yard
Fountains at Marshall's Yard

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one of our best kept secrets

Discover one of the largest and best preserved medieval manor houses in the country. Learn all about the powerful, rich and flamboyant Burgh family and their famous guests including Richard III and Henry VIII.

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Bransby Horses

Visit Bransby Horses - rescue and rehabilitation centre for horses. Spanning 600 acres of beautiful countryside, meet hundreds of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules living on site.

Gainsborough Old Hall

The Mayflower Pilgrims

Did you know...

A corner of England in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire is where the villages can be found where the Pilgrims’ congregation originated. They were seeking religious freedom and separation from the Church of England, which led them to be called Separatists. In the early 1600’s Gainsborough thrived as a hotbed of religious dissent, attracting the local Separatists led by influential figures like John Robinson and William Brewster. They worshipped in secret at Gainsborough Old Hall, a medieval manor house in the centre of the town.

Their desire to establish a new colony in the New World was long and they made several attempts to escape. After a dangerous 10 weeks at sea with limited supplies and the uncertainty of an unfamiliar land, they established the Plymouth Colony in 1620.

Hemswell Court
Cleatham Hall

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Gainsborough Old Hall