Look at a map of Britain and that big boxy indentation that is The Wash is probably the most recognisable part of our whole coastline. And yet an area so little known.  A boat trip from Boston into The Wash solves that problem and is highly recommended.

The sand and mud flats of The Wash are staging posts for huge flocks of wading birds on their long annual migrations and you may also see Common seals basking on the sandbanks. The fishermen tell how the seals gather close to see what they've got, then nip into their nets and toss the fish into the air, just to show what they've stolen!

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Discover cruises up and down the River Witham and on The Wash from Boston with Boston Belle river cruises.

The big skies of Lincolnshire don't get much bigger than they do out in The Wash. The perspective is strange and it's hard to explain why such a flat landscape can be quite so striking and nothing quite what it seems.

You may see the Boston fishing fleet. They head out into The Wash and wait for their boats to be grounded on a sandbank when the tide goes out. They then dig by hand for the cockles until the tide turns.

Returning to Boston there is history aplenty to discover of the town's maritime heritage and Mayflower connections – the Guildhall is a good place to start. If you want to keep to a nature theme following the boat trip, head to nearby RSPB Frampton Marsh and RSPB Freiston Shore, both great for sightings of birds on their annual migrations.

RSPB Frampton Marsh

Discover one of Europe’s most important locations for for freshwater wildlife. Gain access to close-up views of wildlife.

RSPB Freiston Shore

Visit this naturally regenerated salt marsh area providing valuable wildlife habitats all year round and excellent views.

More to Discover in Boston

Enjoy the town's riverside setting, medieval streets and popular weekly markets. Enjoy Boston 'Stump' the magnificent church of St Botolph's – climb the 209 steps for the panoramic experience and variety of places to eat, drink and stay.