Lincoln has been described as historic, beautiful, charming, vibrant. In the mobile-first 21st century, Instagrammable is surely a term fit for the cathedral city too.

We asked local photographer Adam Winfield for the best photo locations in Lincoln for capturing the city’s unique mix of heritage and city centre. From Lincoln Cathedral to the Brayford Waterfront, Steep Hill to the Glory Hole, he’s got them covered.

Lincoln Cathedral's Towers

One of the most impressive features in Lincoln is of Lincoln Cathedral. Take a few steps back onto Castle Hill for this beautiful view of the towers over one of the most historic areas in the city.

Stained Glass

Explore inside Lincoln Cathedral to reveal more of its majesty. But the Nave really comes alive when the sun strikes through the stained glass windows. Try visiting at early morning or during the spring/autumn when the sun is out & low in the sky for the best effects. 

Lincoln Castle Walls

You’ll get stunning views over the city and countryside from the Medieval walls of Lincoln Castle. But keep an eye out for great shots of the walls themselves, like the imposing Observatory Tower – with classic Union Flag on top.


The independent shops of Bailgate make the area a unique shopping destination. But each shop also seems to have its own unique architecture and style too, making for fascinating shots.

Steep Hill

There are so many different ways to capture one of the UK’s most famous hills, but this shot of the rising, Medieval buildings, watched over by Lincoln Cathedral, is hard to beat.

Minster Yard

Some of the prettiest houses in the city are behind you! Take a 180 turn when looking at Lincoln Cathedral to find the beautiful houses of Minster Yard.

Lincoln at Christmas

The city is lit up with festive cheer at Christmas time, exemplified best during the Lincoln Christmas Market. Yuletide festivities against the historic backdrop of Lincoln make for atmospheric photos.

Lincoln Arboretum

The lion has stood in Lincoln’s Arboretum since it was first opened to the public in 1872, and make a great focal point for any photos here.

Brayford Waterfront

The vibrant Brayford Waterfront makes for the perfect subject to include some reflections in the water, adding amazing colour to any photo.

Empowerment Statue

Representing Lincoln’s engineering heritage (the statue resembles turbine blades) the Empowerment statue frames the River Witham nicely in the city centre. Come in early spring for a cherry blossom tree to add to the shot.

South Common

Take a walk to the south of the city and up the hills of South Common for amazing cityscapes over Lincoln. This view has a serious wow factor!

Thank you to Adam Winfield of Through the Lens Photography for the tips!