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NK Walking Festival

Heart of Lincolnshire, North Kesteven

Jun 15
15th June 2024 - 30th June 2024

The North Kesteven 2014 to 2024 Walking Festival is a two-week celebration of the countless walking opportunities available within the district. Hundreds of walkers have tied their laces and taken part in the walking festival every year since its conception in 2014. From short saunters to long hikes, all ages, abilities, and fitness levels enjoy the social walking experience only a festival can provide. The festival demonstrates North Kesteven District Council's commitment to physical activity and is part of the Countryside NK partnership with Hill Holt Wood (a charity and social enterprise) who maintain over 130 miles of Stepping Out walks in the district.
The 2024 Festival will allow you to get out and explore over 60 walks which will be scattered across North Kesteven's 356 square miles of picturesque villages, medieval churches and thriving landscapes. With 94% of the district classified as green space you will explore rural towns full of history, arable land rich in wildlife and see why the area is favoured by many for exploration and outdoor adventures. A great place to walk together.

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Saturday 15th June - Sunday 30th July
Various Times - See full programme


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