Caistor - from the Latin, castrum, a fortified camp - was a Roman settlement of some importance.

Love CaistorCaistor is an attractive mix of Georgian and Victorian buildings, a market town with a history dating back before Roman times. It is unique in its architecture and location, nestling on the hillside at the edge of the Wolds and having 56 Grade II listed buildings, two Scheduled Ancient Monuments and over 160 significant archaeological finds.

The town also featured in the BBC's production of 'Village SOS' when the Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre was created from a disused Methodist Chapel. In the very centre of the town another beautiful building has been converted into the 'Settlement' restaurant.

The 147 mile long Viking Way runs through the centre of Caistor which is a Walkers are Welcome town.

The market is held on Saturday, so why not stop, take a break, and see for yourself what Caistor has to offer its visitors.

For more information, please contact the Tourist Information Centre by email or phone 01427 676666

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