With its wide-open landscapes, long sweeping coastline, and the unspoilt rolling hills of the Wolds, the possibility of immersing yourself in nature and observing native wildlife is never far away in Lincolnshire. 

A county with a coastline that attracts the migration of thousands of birds from Iceland, the Arctic, Siberia and North and South America throughout the year. The highest concentration of barn owls compared to anywhere in the UK, and an autumn that gives a high chance of spotting all four species of UK falcon in one day and the spectacular sight and sound of 60,000 Knot taking off at once.

Lapwing, Lincolnshire Coastal Bird Trail

Lincolnshire is a haven for birdwatching and notably a premier county for the pastime, yet arguably one of the most under-watched in the birdwatching community – until now.

The landscape for nature tourism is rapidly changing as Visit Lincolnshire launched the new Lincolnshire Bird Trail with nature and wildlife partners at the start of summer. Launching with a coastal bird trail that runs from the Alkborough Flats, the most north-westerly part of our historic county that overlooks the Humber, down Lincolnshire’s 50-mile coast to RSPB Frampton Marsh at The Wash.

A weekend’s birding at any time of year can yield an impressive range and total of species. The connecting national nature reserves along the trail include Donna Nook, Saltfleetby Theddlethorpe, Sandilands, Huttoft Bank, Wolla Bank Pit, Chapel Marsh Pit, Gibraltar Point and Freiston Shore, each with their own unique habitat. The trail takes you to grazing marshes, reeds, and sandy shores, as well as inland lakes and wetlands – each making ideal homes for a diversity of species. Flocks of winter wildfowl, skeins of brent geese, pink footed geese, egrets, spoonbills, bitterns, and peregrine are amongst the showstoppers you will find.

The opportunity to discover different species of rare, migrating and nesting birds throughout the seasons is endless. 

teal in flight
teal in flight

The Lincolnshire Bird Trail is designed to guide visitors; expert, novice or just the curious, with top tips and birdwatching advice, sweet spots to visit and when, photographic references of birds you could see throughout the seasons and a coastal map for you to follow too. Created in partnership between Visit Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Bird Club, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, The RSPB, Natural England, The National Trust, and the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership to give the best “insiders” knowledge there is. 

The online trail features complementary outdoor adventures and things to do along the trail, a wonderful range of cafés, restaurants, and bars en route, to help you find a place to stay to extend your birdwatching experience.

Discover more about the Lincolnshire Coastal Bird Trail and plan your visit to the best county for birdwatching.