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Sandilands Pit Nature Reserve


One of the smaller former clay pits which supports many duck species. Snipe like wet grassland and marsh and listen out for the males who makes  a ‘drumming’ sound as it performs its aerial courtship display.

About Sandilands Pit

Created after the 1953 floods when clay was taken to create new flood defences.

What you will see

Whilst there's so much to see at Chapel Marsh Pit, plenty more sightings of species have been recorded not too far away at Sandilands Pit.

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Huttoft Bank Pit Nature Reserve


LN13 9RS


Access Point Address:

Huttoft Car Terrace LN13 9RR 

lincolnshire coastal country park


The Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park is a stretch of 5 miles of coastline running from Sandilands to Chapel St Leonards, and inland to Hogsthorpe, Mumby, Anderby and Huttoft. It includes eight Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves, unspoilt beaches and sand dunes with plenty of birdlife to discover.