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Grimsby Revolution Cycle Route

The Grimsby Revolution is a 33-mile route that takes you around North East Lincolnshire, starting at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, along the seawall through to Stallingborough before travelling through the villages of Great Coates, Laceby, Waltham and New Waltham. The route takes in elements of the River Freshney and includes a long run along the seafront at Cleethorpes. There are plenty of places to stop en route for refreshments.

14 stages | 54.2 km / 33.7 miles

According to legend, Grimsby was founded by a Danish fisherman called Grim. In Old Norse, 'by' means village. The story of Grim and Havelok is written about in a poem thought to have been composed around 1280-1310, but Grimsby’s recorded history dates back to 866AD when thousands of Norse invaders passed through the town on their way to inland cities.

Grimsby Revolution Map