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The Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park is a stretch of 5 miles of coastline running from Sandilands to Chapel St Leonards, and inland to Hogsthorpe, Mumby, Anderby and Huttoft. It includes eight Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves, unspoilt beaches and sand dunes.

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The Round-and-Round Hide at Anderby Creek situated on top of the dunes provides a fantastic panoramic view of the area. A great spot for sea watching and then turning inland looking over the expansive wetlands of Anderby Marsh. There is also a hide overlooking the largest clay pit; Huttoft Pit. Further viewing screens can be found along the dune walk between Wolla Bank and Anderby Creek, and at Huttoft Marsh.

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Glorious sandy beaches are bordered by dense sea buckthorn-covered dunes providing ideal nesting habitat for hundreds of birds along the whole stretch of the site. These themselves are backed inland by substantial reedbeds and grazing marsh continually being improved to provide excellent feeding and breeding habitats.

Old clay pits provide the waterbodies and core areas which have been connected over the past fifteen years by land purchase and partnership working. Mature hedges of hawthorn surround reedy ditches providing hotspots for rarity searches during the migration seasons.

Winter species

Lapwing, golden plover, curlew, redshank, whooper swan, Bewick’s swan, white-fronted goose, wigeon, teal, gadwall, bittern, bearded tit.

Spring species

Whitethroat, sedge warbler, reed warbler, grasshopper warbler, Cetti’s warbler, cuckoo.

Summer species

Marsh harrier, hobby, avocet, lapwing, redshank, green sandpiper, greenshank, ringed plover, sandwich tern, common tern.

Autumn species

Starling, finches, hirundines, short-eared owl, gannet, common scoter, shearwaters, divers, auk.

Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park Locations






Chapel Point

Chapel St Leonards 

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The dune walk from Wolla Bank to Anderby Creek for views in spring of patrolling cuckoo as they search for nests to parasitise.

The Round-and-Round Hide for marsh harrier courtship behaviour with the spectacular sky dances during spring. In late summer the fledged young can be seen waiting on fenceposts awaiting feeding from the parents.

Wetland at Anderby Marsh for nesting lapwing and redshank plus avocet, green sandpiper, greenshank and ringed plover.

Search the large flocks of sandwich and common tern that pass by and feed on fish shoals for roseate and black tern.

Car parks at Wolla Bank and Chapel Six Marshes can provide views of the spectacular starling murmurations at dusk in October.


There are car parks at various points along the coast. These are owned by either Lincolnshire County Council or East Lindsey District Council. Significant car parks are located at: Chapel Six Marshes, Wolla Bank, Anderby Creek, Marsh Yard, Huttoft Car Terrace, Sandilands, Chapel Point and North Sea Observatory,