Sandilands Beach

Sandilands, Mablethorpe

Beautiful and natural golden sandy beach stretching for miles. An ideal quiet coastal spot for dog walking and enjoying the fresh sea breeze. Walk to Huttoft along the surfaced path suitable for bikes and wheelchairs.

  • Cafe / Tea Room
  • Parking
  • Accessible
  • Toilets
  • Dogs Welcome
  • Groups Welcome

Miles of natural sandy beach that goes on and on

Sandilands is a clean and picturesque beach and is dog friendly all-year-round. It is a popular coastal attraction yet the beach is so vast that it still offers a very peaceful experience and  provides plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves. Sandilands is also well-known for its rows colourful seaside beach huts, spot them in a line along the promenade.

Sandilands Pit Nature Reserve

One of the smaller former clay pits which supports many duck species. Snipe like wet grassland and marsh and listen out for the males who makes  a ‘drumming’ sound as it performs its aerial courtship display.

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