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Lincolnshire Llama Cleethorpes

Experience the charm of Lincolnshire Llama, Cleethorpes' premier destination for unforgettable encounters with gentle alpacas and llamas. Take a leisurely stroll through picturesque landscapes with our engaging llama walks or opt for an alpaca walk to add a touch of magic to your day. Elevate any occasion with our personalized home and venue visits, bringing the joy of these adorable creatures directly to you.

For those seeking a heartwarming connection, indulge in our meet and greets, creating cherished memories for all. Join us in Cleethorpes for an enchanting adventure filled with laughter, joy, and the companionship of our delightful animals

Established in 2017, Lincolnshire Llama offers unique and bespoke experiences like no other. Based in North East Lincolnshire, they have a small herd of both Llamas & Alpacas, giving you the opportunity to get to know and see the differences between the two, as they are often confused!

Alpacas have much more to them than their seriously cute appearance. Beyond their distinctively good looks, these charming creatures bear some of the sleekest, most versatile wool in the animal kingdom! Alpacas are domesticated versions of vicunas, South American camelid - often confused with the equally lovely llama!

Also members of the camelid family, llamas are friendly, curious animals and are about twice the size of alpacas! What makes these adorable animals so special? Their kind, social nature. And not to mention those smiley faces, which have become a favourite amongst selfie and animal lovers alike! With their expressive tail twitching and sun-bathing habits, there is so much to love about these wonderfully soft and intriguing creatures.

Lincolnshire llamas and alpacas cannot be ridden, however they do make amazing walking companions! If you don't fancy a walk, you can just come along and hang out with them, feed them, get photos and learn some interesting facts! Alternatively, the team can come to you in the comfort of your own home!

opening times

Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 16:30

entry & prices

From £37
Child (up to age 12)

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47 Church Lane



DN36 4HZ