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Baston Fen Nature Reserve

Baston Fen is a long tract of permanent pasture. In winter this becomes flooded, attracting large numbers of wildfowl. Near the entrance is an area of willow carr, which provides a range of nesting sites for birds. In summer a footpath leads through the carr into a drier wooded area which once contained a hamlet of eight cottages and a windmill, but now its willows, osiers and alders provide additional shelter and nesting sites for birds such as tits, finches and warblers.

Birds are numerous and varied at most times of the year and over 160 species have been recorded.

Of interest in the breeding season are shoveler, tufted duck, sedge warbler and occasionally garganey. In winter flocks of up to 1000 wildfowl, including mute swans, teal, wigeon and mallard, and occasional pintail and goosander can be seen, together with parties of snipe and redshank in March as the flood waters recede.

opening times

The reserve is open at all times. The best time to visit is April to July, November to February.

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