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ARTeFACT is an arts project created by artists Neil Baker and Steven Hatton of Electric Egg working with Spalding Gentleman’s Society and arts organisation Transported. The trail is inspired by the museum collection of Spalding Gentlemen’s Society. The trail is formed of eight etched brass artworks which the public can engage with using augmented reality simply by using their smart phone or a tablet.

The artworks form a trail around Spalding which begins and ends at the museum and leads visitors to other key and historic Spalding locations.

ARTeFACT aims to encourage people to discover a hidden gem on their doorstep. We hope that through this project, local people become aware of the Society and museum and pay a visit in person. As part of the project, free arts engagement workshops were undertaken in a local primary school, sixth form, within the museum and in the heart of the town’s busy Saturday market.

The artwork design is chemically etched into brass. The surfaces are textured and the public will be able to, if they so wish, create their own artworks through rubbings of the artwork. In addition, by downloading a free app, users can hold their smartphone or tablet up to the image which will animate the artwork, bringing it to life. Interpretation on all the artworks and instructions for the augmented-reality are available on

Founded in 1710, the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society is Britain’s oldest surviving provincial learned society. The Museum is home to an eclectic collection of local and international artefacts, and a historic library and archive. Their involvement with this project stems from a desire to open its doors to a greater number of people, many of whom are not aware of the collection on their doorstep.

The Spalding Gentlemen Society’s Museum is open 11.00 – 1.00 every Wednesday and Sunday June 19, 11.00 – 4.00 for Celebrating Fens and Civic weekend. It is free to enter.

Supported by Arts Council England, South Holland District Council, &
Lincolnshire County Council.

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