take it all in

Nobody needs telling what to do on the beach and these big skies and wide, clean, safe sandy expanses are just waiting to be discovered. Lincolnshire’s Natural Coast highlights the great spots for bird watching and where best to discover some fascinating wildlife and plant life.


Discover a whole variety of plants that thrive in this salty environment.


Lincolnshire’s Natural Coast offers miles of clean wide sandy beaches away from the bustle of the holiday resorts.


Lincolnshire's Natural Coast is a great place for wildlife. Find out more about the different species who visit and live here.

kids' activities

The Natural Coast has something to do for the family any time of the year which is totally free! Discover more and be inspired by what you can see, do and learn all on the coast.


Lincolnshire’s Natural Coast is home to hundreds of birds nesting, migrating and gathering nearby the sand dunes, marshes and beaches. There’s plenty to spot, whatever the weather, whatever the season.

look out points

Lincolnshire’s Natural Coast hosts two fantastic observatories. With huge windows and breathtaking views of the sea. Whether visiting Chapel Point or Gibraltar point, these look-out points are a great way to begin or end a bracing walk with a drink and comfy seat in the cafe.

Walking & cycling

Lincolnshire offers many walking routes and trails in the city, countryside and by the coast with plenty of options to suit your walking style or cycling ability. Find out what walks and cycling paths you could journey to take in the best-of from Lincolnshire’s Natural Coast.