Bandsman Gin

Bandsman Gin is not a London Dry, indeed it is not technically a redistilled gin at all. Bandsman Gin use a very old method known as cold compounding to create their gin. While most gin production sees the spirit evaporated and passed through a filter containing the botanicals in order to flavour the vapour before recondensing it, Bandsman Gin's method involves flavouring the spirit in its liquid form with a combination of fresh and dried botanicals. This allows them to create a robustly flavoured gin with an unusual smoothness to it. A byproduct of this is Bandsman's striking pale lemon colour so if you are surprised when you first pour your first glass of Bandsman, don't worry, it isn't meant to be completely clear!

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This business is not generally open to the public. Please see website for details of how to to buy their products.


Sadler Road