Lincolnshire Limewoods

Bardney Limewoods National Nature Reserve contains Britain’s largest concentration of woodland dominated by small-leaved lime. There are nine separate woodlands and all of these sites have been high forest or managed as coppice since the 11th century.

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Britain’s greatest concentration of ancient woods containing small-leaved limes

Discover Britain’s largest expanse of lime wood, with over 60 square miles of small-lime woodland located in the scenic rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

This woodland is a rare and precious landscape, while once the most common form of woodland, this ancient woodland variety, like many is now scarce. Originating from medieval times, Lincolnshire Limewoods are fascinating to anyone who is interested in flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy several walking and cycling routes through the peaceful landscape.

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Lincolnshire Limewoods