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Skegness & Burgh Le Marsh Walk

Skegness,Burgh le Marsh

This walk uses footpaths and a short section of the road to link the towns of Skegness and Burgh le Marsh. There are opportunities to reduce the length of the walk, and a regular bus service runs between Burgh le Marsh and Skegness if you only wish to walk one way.

Starting point
Leisure Centre
Southview Leisure Park
Burgh Road
Grid reference TF 547 651

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Prior to the arrival of the railway in Skegness in 1873 it was a village with less than 400 residents.  The railway brought more visitors and day trippers. The Earl of Scarborough owned most of the land and in the 1870s started developing the village by building tree lined streets, parks, a church, new houses and a pier. The town continued to expand into the 20th century with the development of caravan parks and holiday centres, and remains a popular seaside resort today. 

An important Anglo-Saxon settlement called Burg or Burch existed on the site of the town of Burgh le Marsh.  In 1401 was granted a charter and became a busy market town.  As you approach the town, it is dominated by the church and windmill.  The mill was built in 1813 and restored in 1947. Known as Dobson’s windmill it was named after the last miller, Frank Dobson.

  • 1With your back to the Leisure Centre turn right and walk towards the park entrance.
  • 2Turn right along Beech Way and follow the footpath signs. Follow the road as it turns sharp left and the surface ends. Walk directly ahead between two mobile homes to the next footpath sign by the hedge. Turn right, along the hedge to a bridge into Roach Farm Park. As you enter this park, turn right, alongside the drain until you meet another bridge. Once across the bridge the path continues west towards Burgh le Marsh.
  • 3Cross Middle Marsh Lane and continue in the same direction over a series of bridges and stiles until you cross a farm lane, with farm buildings on your immediate left. Cross this lane, over another stile and along the field edge path to a second stile and field. A third stile takes you to the final field on this section of the walk. Here, the path continues ahead for about two thirds the field’s length, until you reach a waymaker by the hedge.
  • 4At this point, turn diagonally left to a kissing gate. Cross the road with care and continue in the same direction to a gate and stile. Enter a short lane, to join the cycle or footpath.
  • 5Turn right and follow the footpath or cycle way towards Burgh le Marsh. Continue on the short distance into Burgh le Marsh for refreshments, toilets and the bus stop if you want to catch the bus back to Skegness. To continue the walk cross the A158 with care near the junction with Ingoldmells Road.
  • 6Follow the footpath up the farm lane passing the chip shop, and then the Red Lion on your right. After approximately 100m turn left onto a public footpath. Walk along the right hand edge of the field to a bridge. Cross the bridge, turn right and follow the path along the edge of the drain to another bridge. Continue over the bridge and straight on across the field.
  • 7Cross the bridge and turn left along a farm lane. Follow the lane for approximately 150m and then bear diagonally right to the corner of the field. Follow the footpath alongside the drain and after approximately 200m bear diagonally right to the corner of the field. Ignore the first bridge on the right and continue alongside the drain. Follow the footpath over two bridges and then turn right over a bridge. Walk diagonally left across the field heading between the barn and the left hand corner of the field to a footpath sign and Middlemarsh Lane.
  • 8Turn left along Middlemarsh Lane and head towards the A158, past Old Marsh Chapel, to a footpath sign on your right, immediately after the council tip road and drain.
  • 9Turn right onto this footpath, keeping the drain on the right, passing the industrial buildings and a caravan store to your left. Continue in the same direction for approximately one mile (1.5 kilometres) to a junction with a path on the left.
  • 10At this point the path continues ahead into Skegness. To complete the walk, turn diagonally left and slightly back on yourself across the field to a footpath sign and bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path alongside the drain to a second bridge, and then, with some wooden buildings on your right, join the A158.
  • 11Immediately opposite is Southview Leisure Park. Cross the A158, with care, turn right and then at the footpath sign immediately after the second water feature, turn left along the field edge path with lakes and eventually mobile homes and hedge on your left. At the road turn right to return to the Leisure Centre.

The walk uses village paths, field paths, tracks and quiet lanes. The busy A158 road is crossed twice. You are likely to encounter stiles and livestock.

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Starting point

Leisure Centre

Southview Leisure Park

Burgh Road


Grid reference TF 547 651