Stokes Barista Training Centre

If you want to learn more about coffee, or share a fun experience with family, friends or even work colleagues and get the basics on making and serving coffee, or... perhaps you'd like fully certified training to become a top barista - Stokes is the place for you. The Stokes team at our Lincoln site offer all levels of barista training courses - from Beginner to Master.

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Stokes Coffee Experiences

Coffee Tasting Experience

1 hour Price: £29.99 per person

Duration 1 hour

Price: £29.99 per person

Max 6

Roaster at the dedicated training academy onsite to enjoy a full sensory, professional coffee-cupping session.

You’ll experience some of Stokes' finest coffees & learn about their attributes, origins altitudes & much more. This is an informative & fun experience - the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of coffee. Brilliant for enthusiasts, team building, corporate hospitality & coffee lovers.

What's Included?

  • How to professionally taste coffee, the cupping method & techniques.
  • The different characteristics of coffees & how they affect flavour.
  • How to compare flavours, experience 8 different coffees & understand professional coffee terminology.
  • How to use a flavour-wheel to discover tasting-notes & flavours.

You'll also get a voucher for 10% off any product at

Budding Barista

3-4 hours Price: £75.00

Duration 3-4 hours

Price: £75.00

Max 6

What's Included?

For all budding Baristas - this course is really hands-on! You’ll receive top-notch training that will give you all the confidence & know-how you’ll need to use professional tools & equipment to produce show-stopping coffee drinks. Whether you are an ambitious barista or just want to master at-home barista skills – this is the perfect course!

Includes a bag of Stokes coffee beans to take home, along with a voucher for 10% off any product.

Welcome to the World Of Coffee

3-4 hours Price: £50.00

Duration 3-4 hours

Price: £50.00

Max 8

What's Included?

A fabulous introduction to the fascinating world of coffee which covers everything from bean to cup. This course is lecture-based with professional tastings throughout so you can enjoy the full sensory spectrum of coffee.

You'll also get a voucher for 10% off any product at

Best Of Brewing Experience

2-3 hours Price: £49.99

Duration 2-3 hours

Price: £49.99

Max 8

What's Included?

The Master Roaster will share inside, expert knowledge as he guides you through the ins & outs of the best brewing techniques to help you get the most from your coffee beans.

You'll also get a voucher for 10% off any product at

From selecting & grinding to roasting & brewing, you’ll gather the vital know-how & expert skills of a professional. This is a fascinating, hands-on course with demos & expert input to get you brewing like one of the best!

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